A dialog about Friendship



  [frend]  Show IPA



person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

Today I sat down at my computer wondering about friendship. I am amazed at how some people claim to be friends with someone when most of the time they don’t so much as know the last name of the person they call a friend. I am the first to tell you that I do not have many friends. I have tons of acquaintances, people I have met and would chit-chat anywhere with, but friends? No. Of those I can call friends I claim only two.

Now. It’s only fair that if I let you know my definition of friend since I only claim to have two people I call true friends.

A friend to me is someone who is loyal and honest with me at all times. A person I can trust with everything about me, free of judgement. One who I can call at any time of day or night in an emergency and believe without a doubt that they will be there when it got down to it. A friend is a person who always has your back in every situation yet isn’t afraid to let you know when you cross the line or are an ass. A friend laughs with you when you’re silly and cries with you when you’re sad. Most of all a true friend is trustworthy and survives the ups and downs of life. When a friend feels there’s something not right they come to you because they believe in your honesty toward them, as you believe in theirs towards you. This is my definition of friendship.

Many times I see people misrepresent the meaning of such a sacred bond, saying “oh, we were friends for a few months and then we stopped talking” That is not friendship. Friends talk and communicate. True friendships last for years and years. That’s not to say there wont be disagreements, there are always those, the key is surviving them and true friendships do that. Sadly the definition had been altered by some, made into something that has no resemblance to what I grew up with. Now I see women my age talking behind their “friends” back and the next day smiling in their face. It kills me and I just shake my head.

I truly hope that people take the time in the future to really define their friendships. I hope that they focus on practicing the art of being a true friend. A real friendship can save your life. A true friendship defines you. Are you a real friend?

17 thoughts on “A dialog about Friendship

  1. Lee Iacocca
    My father always used to say that when you die, if you’ve got five real friends, then you’ve had a great life.

    I also read somewhere that if a person has more than 5 friends he’s counting co-workers!

    I have 4. I am beyond blessed.

    Acquaintance: One with whom you’d speak on a daily basis, but not necissarily invite on a picnic. (Also doubles for the definition of some family members) 😉

    1. I agree with you. Few are those I can call friends. Too many shady individuals in the world just looking for something from you. The true meaning of friendship has been devalued. Thank you for stopping by I will be certain to return the favor.

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