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Restless Girl…


Blue water
With sunshines hue
A smile only granted
When I return to you
Love me in spades will you
Or do I have to ask twice
Don’t wait for the blood in the water
For it could be sweeter than my missing
Shatters In my absent mind
A man I never knew
A lonely mother
A restless daughter
Looking for love
In another



I am a writer. My genre is poetry,although I also write short musings of life circumstances. I am a semi fashionista and an all world investigator. I observe the world and people around me intensely. A mom of 3 by nature and 4 by osmosis. I am a girlfriend a daughter a sister and most of all a fantabulous woman. Welcome to Blooville!! Enjoy the words cause the life is crazy!!

10 thoughts on “Restless Girl…

  1. you won’t have to ask twice if i love this Ellie… 🙂 , “A smile only granted When I return to you” i love that.

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