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Love Sparks


Been thinking
About the real you
The one you hardly let show
Taking him out only in the rain
When the sun can’t reflect what is
So easy to see
But, only by me

Been thinking
About the not so real me
The one who’s never afraid
Always ready for a fight
Really in flight
From the one who just
Wants to understand
Have peace
A plan
To live quietly in love
With you

Been thinking about
The real us
Alone in the quiet dark
Giggles and love sparks
Before we put on our armor
And start
To go out into
The not so real world

12 thoughts on “Love Sparks

  1. Great Poem, I wish we could all be the real us all the time,it would save us so much time, energy and even heartache if we just knew how some ppl really are sooner than later. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. This is great and actually really hits home for me in my current “dating” situation lol. thansk for sharing

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