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Here are a few of today’s drawings. It feels good to let the fun out sometimes. Hope you all enjoy 🙂



9 thoughts on “Drawings…

  1. “let the fun out” – aloha Ellie. i like your thinking. and enjoy your drawing/painting. i may have missed a statement about the materials you are using – are these digital works or work on paper? i’d guess digital which i like to use a lot – but it could be on paper – which i also like a lot too. fun either way. fun to let the fun out. aloha.

      1. cool. i like working on my iPad a lot. i also like exploring Apps. altho i find i most often like the Zen Brush App and then take things into the ArtStudio App. …okay and a few others as well. i’m curious which App(s) you’ve used.

      2. Zen Brush is simple however as I said, one of my favorites. ArtStudio is a lot like photoshop if you are familiar with photoshop. there are a number of others, most of which have interesting things to offer. Art Rage is good but more complex – which also means you can do more once you figure it out (and you can do that by experimenting and reading). I also like Art Set and use it with some of the others. when I post a work I try to list what I’ve used so others can get an idea of what the Apps can do. there are some new ones out I’d like to try, however my iPad(2) is now (less than a year old) not capable of using some of the newer Apps. ha. even so, there is still a lot for me to explore. fun on. aloha

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