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Reading Is Fundamental

I have an almost tragic love of books. My love began when I was about thirteen but I still have it, it has never left me. It has become a thirty year old flu. My collections began with paperback novels sold by the library for a dime to twenty five cents. The really good books were fifty cents. I packed my bed drawers and windows with all types of interesting characters. My love of reading grew with each word. With every book I read I became the dreamer, a believer of the impossible. The greatest adventure was born. Twenty eight years later I am still in love with literature. Nothing makes me happier than opening a brand new book, the soft whisper of the pages or the smell of newly printed pages. Because of this I began writing myself. My love of self expression through the written word grew from my love of reading. A poet from Shakespeare and Keats. So much has changed now. With kindles, nooks and iPads having a library at your fingertips is the easiest thing to do. I myself, between all of my gadgets must have at least 150 books easily at my disposal to read anywhere anytime. I can read anyone anywhere I choose from the slimmest library there is, my iPad. Miller, Bukowski, nin, rice, Angelou, king, Coelho are all there just waiting on me to choose. Brilliant works of words begging to enrich the mind no matter where I am. Still nothing beats the feeling of a raw open book in your hands, the weight of it. Best feeling ever! I love it. Reading enhances everything I do. It awakens the mind another persons thoughts. It makes you more creative and perceptive to your own life experiences, you see things differently and in much more resounding color. I am a product of that which I have read. My library is full of experiences I have and want to have. Few things can challenge the feel of a good book that can take you into its pages. You travel with its characters. They become old friends and you love them as family. How many times have we not cried when someone dear to us in a novel dies or goes through tragedy? We become an extended family forgetting the fiction of it all and we think of them well after we have put their stories down. We keep the books looking through them at times wondering what ever happened to him or her, are they happy? I hope so. At such moments I never think of myself as silly for such are the marks of a good book. They leave scars in your mind and soul. The love of books for me is one that once you have it, remains like a pair of well worn jeans that you can’t do without. You slip them on whenever you want to feel good and comfortable in your own skin. When I thank God at night, my eyes, although imperfect are among the first things I am thankful for. They have opened to me worlds of wonder. I see clearer every day.
Reading is fundamental. Truer words have never been written.


10 thoughts on “Reading Is Fundamental

  1. You put it beautifully. I’m always trying to explain why I love reading. To some people who just love to argue and hate reading, I try not to get mad that they try to drag the conversation on by calling books stupid and trying to get me riled up. They think that works? Well, sort of, but I have better things to do than argue, like read. I just tell them it’s like television in your head and walk away/turn around.
    But I do think “scars” have negative connotations. Maybe books leave hand prints, or just imprints, on your mind/soul?

    1. I agree but I do believe some leave scars because you suffer for the characters when the book is tragic. Don’t let non readers ever get to you. They don’t know what they’re missing.

  2. Love & agree! Some characters, from years ago, remained friends of mine. I frequently visit them. They impart wisdom, provide comfort, and sometimes we just sit reminiscing.

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