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A Series of Prompts…. Name one thing you have always been good at doing?


There are things we are all good at. We all have a few things we excel at no matter how bad we think we are at things. Some of us are great speakers; some of us are great talkers. Some are great at managing things. We all have our niche.

I am good at helping others solve their problems. Somehow I have always been the person everyone else turns to when they have an issue they just can’t seem to figure out. It has been that way since I became a teenager.

My friends would come to me with boy or girl issues, even parent issues. They would sit with me and tell me their lives and secrets without my ever asking. All of their information would pour from them like water and somehow what I had to say always made them see things in a whole new light and gave them perspective.

This ability has followed me my whole life. My girlfriends turned into women who needed advice on the men in their lives. People I worked with suddenly felt the need to be open with me and tell me their life problems. Even employers have fallen into this category at one job or another. I sit and listen and let them know what I think and I think perhaps that’s the key, listening.

People need someone to listen, to really listen. I don’t mean sit there and give your opinion, but to sit there and hear them and what they have to say. I think that is one of the things really missing in this world between people, the ability to hear one another and be compassionate to the problems they’re facing. I am blessed to be able to do that and I think it’s because I have had so much experience with not being heard.

Those of us who have grown up in homes where children are meant to be seen and not heard and definitely not allowed to have opinions go one of two ways. They either become silent in the world or they learn to listen.

When they become the best listeners they can understand and see beyond to what the person is not saying. They learn to appreciate the words and their meaning. I think that’s what happened to me. That’s why I can sit and quietly take in everything someone has to tell me and respond with what I believe to be the best answer I have. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I am a writer as well.

If you do something well, whatever it is, do it with love and compassion. Make it flower within you for the benefit of those around you.

Do it for them and do it for yourself.



I am a writer. My genre is poetry,although I also write short musings of life circumstances. I am a semi fashionista and an all world investigator. I observe the world and people around me intensely. A mom of 3 by nature and 4 by osmosis. I am a girlfriend a daughter a sister and most of all a fantabulous woman. Welcome to Blooville!! Enjoy the words cause the life is crazy!!

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