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You dampen the cloudsEverytime you lie

Bringing dead flowers to my doorstep like a lost child looking for love

You have never really found it have you? 

Though you have searched the whole world through

It eluded you

Played with you

Hide and go seeks you

Until you break into the many pieces that once made you whole


Could never be for you

But is

The elusive ring

The hidden path

The unlit cavern

Aside the deepest sea

Where your battered ship has landed


Find me. 



I am a writer. My genre is poetry,although I also write short musings of life circumstances. I am a semi fashionista and an all world investigator. I observe the world and people around me intensely. A mom of 3 by nature and 4 by osmosis. I am a girlfriend a daughter a sister and most of all a fantabulous woman. Welcome to Blooville!! Enjoy the words cause the life is crazy!!

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