About Me

My name is Eneida E. Estrella aka Bloowriter. Ellie to my friends. I am a mother of three kiddoes and the mom of four more by osmosis, so that makes me the mom of seven wonderful individuals with distinct personalities. I am a writer, a lover, friend, and partner to a wonderful man, a sister and a daughter.


At forty-one years I am old enough to know better and wise enough to try harder.

My passion is the word, all types of words.

I write them, recite them and invite them into my life as much as possible. I am an avid reader as well as a writer, however if I were to have a genre it would be poetry. I am the performance coordinator for the New York City Latina Writers Group and I have been a nanny for over seventeen years. I love what I do and when I’m not doing it I am writing or spending time with those I love. I have been writing since I was fifteen years old so that means plenty of material which in fact is making its way into my first novel Growing up Heights for over two years now.

I was born in the Dominican Republic but was raised in New York. And so here I am ready to put myself on paper once again. Welcome to my life. I hope you find it interesting.