Poems & Previous Work

Here is some of my previous work. I hope you will read and enjoy….


Absolution 5/30


I will be absolved

Of all of my fantastic sins

Those you only fear when you grow old

God has decided he is to forgive me

And who are you to judge

With your broken promises

Stepping on so many cracks your mother never did take a step


Before the altar of saints with jagged scars I have made penance

Figs, flowers and fruits have I brought

Yes, I too have paid in blood

For the act of forgiveness is not cheap

and reaping your sown sins can shatter the already cracked soul


Jesus is not the last with a cross to bear



ever since i can remember
the pen felt lighter than life to bear
the suffering of youth
brought me there
to stare at the shadow of my discontent

15 years
i waited
to express what was always in my divine nature
the page to exercise my right to be free
allow the demons to speak to me
a suspicious mind is never inclined
to divulge its nausea
and throw up the clogged substance
that prevents its freedom

at 15 i found the mirror
started peeling back the layers
of the onion and i am still not at the core
the pit resides deep
but while the spirit sleeps
i reawaken it
hitting the pan with the lid
and the piece of me that was stuck to the bottom

is released
a new breath taken
a new love found
a new heartbeat beat
and the words seep into your mouth
from me

there is a love connection here
between the scabs of my memories
and the blood beneath
i don’t write to please
i write to be free
from tyranny…


Sitting Out…..

The honeysucke is growing high
and the sun is slowly baking my skin as I sit here
the warm summer smells sweet
as I am starttled by the squirrels running on my deck
chasing eachother like runaway undiciplined children
I threw cherries at them

Sweet cherries
warmed by the sun
just right as they burst in my mouth
a natural sunburst

The squirrels ignored my gift
I will pick up the cherries
and eat them myself

In my yard
there is a three second rule..

The Bing cherry owes its development to the Ch...
The Bing cherry owes its development to the Chinese-American horticulturalist Ah Bing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

8 thoughts on “Poems & Previous Work

  1. The Hobbit

    I have currently begun reading the hobbit for the second time. To me this it is a must if you are a lord of the rings fan. This is a small book in comparison to the other three books but it’s just as interesting if not more. There are many more descriptions of the different species of beings in the LOTR world. This book is in the process of being filmed which has me on pins and needles as to how they will bring it to life. There are many things that need to be brought hard in order to be believable but with today’s cgi it’s achievable. We will have to see. This is a great book though.

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