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like the softest of winds
in the darkness unseen
smooth and sudden he became my sin
black velvet body
smile like a king
drawing me in
I’m suffocating
edible dreams
sugar and whipped cream solutions
for the disapproval of kin
command me to be well
as i worship his skin
a thousand touches
for the unquenchable thirst within
love given and returned
in the span of a head spin
out of control
before skin met skin
shall we begin
and again


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Organizing my Life…On the transplant road


          Many of you who know me or have read my blog know that I have been on dialysis for about six years now. But if you also know me well you know I have never once felt sorry for myself or have fallen into pity party mode. There are too many sick people, especially children that have not really even lived for me to be complaining about being on dialysis. I am strong and able, this is just a moment in time for me and I will surpass it. I have many ways of keeping hope alive. I always say I know God and he knows me and when he wants me there is nothing that will stop it so every extra day is  blessing. I don’t intend to waste it.

As far as everything goes I am now tissue typing with my brother to see if we are a good match. My older brother has decided to go under the knife for me! I am beyond amazed at his selflessness and I know I would do the same for him were the roles reversed. Every test completed is a new step forward on the transplant road. A new step toward a normal life. I take every step in gratitude. I have made many changes of late because I want to live an organized and simple life. I am all about order and organizing and planning . I love anything that makes my life easier. I love functional yet beautiful things. As a writer who loves her craft I adore fabulous planbooks to write in and make my plans for the day. It puts everything into perspective for me and in a much clearer light.  I am learning a great deal on this road. Things that I hope to pay forward once my journey is done. For now I will do the best I can with what I have been given and although I’d rather not be on this road I am mighty grateful to be here at all. No matter where I may have to walk on this road the point for me is that I’m still walking and that my friends is a blessing.

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A Place of Ones Own


I have been a mother for what seem like most of my life. My three, now grown children were the essence of what I did and where I went for now twenty seven years of my life and I would not trade it for the world. Seeing them grow has been my privilege and blessing. Being a parent gives you a new perspective on life and all its trials give you strength you never thought you might possess. Still life comes with changes and my greatest change has arrived, an empty nest! That trial that all mothers and fathers eventually go through after spending half their lives raising children. It isn’t easy trust me I’m sure there are many parent out there that have no idea what to do with themselves after their children have gone.

I was one of those parents. I was stuck in the role of being a mom and being there for my children was all I did. That’s what moms do and we don’t regret it one bit. I am very proud of all of my children and I am honored to have devoted my time to them, that’s why I had them. Still the time has come for me to write a better story for myself. It’s time to dream of a future of my own. There are still many blessings to look forward to. You, We still have a life to live. one that hopefully has many years left. As a woman I find we need a sisterhood of women to help us do this. A place to develop all the other talents we may have hidden or placed on the back burner to attend our loved ones.  A group of like minded individuals to push us forward in our new adventure. We need mentors and a process by which to navigate and go to our destiny. This is your time!

What’s your story? What do you want for you? What is your dream?

Now, Go. Find it. Do it. Be it! I am with you.

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The Method to Our Madness

Have you ever found something that impacts you to a level that you just need to share it with the world? Something so beautiful and inspiring that it simply makes your creative spirit soar?
Everyone knows I am a writer and poet and love more than anything to be organized and plan what I want to do with my life, how to do it and to dream of the future. Eight months ago I came across Planner Perfect by Jenny Lind Penton. A method of planning that has changed my life. I had used other ways of planning all my life but I never found something that suited me as her method does. Jenny has found a way to help you organize  not only your life but to include your dreams in your plans. She has taught me and countless women to write a better story. There is no better feeling for an artist than to be able to dream. To see your inspiration and aspirations on paper and be able to make a plan of action to develop them and bring them to life. For me that has to be the best part of the method. However I would be remiss if I did not tell you that what caught my eye first was the beauty and quality of Jenny’s plan books. There is nothing that I can say which would do justice to her level of craftsmanship. Her art is magnificent and so beautiful. You just have to see it for yourself to believe it. She blends beauty with functionality and brings forth a product of excellent quality. If you are a planner and want to find a new way to further your dreams, this is it. Take my word for it for I don’t give it lightly. The Planner Perfect Method is a whole new and excellent way to plan and I have never been more exited about my dreams and future.

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How to grow….. Effective Change

    change wordle     

         Changes are something that seems to come weather you want it or not. Sometimes you see it coming, the necessity of it loud and clear.

The time has come for change.

It can be any type of change for anything and still take you by surprise and be completely unexpected yet somehow you know. You know when something is not working and when it needs to change, when you need to change. 


  • How do you take those first difficult steps to make effective and lasting change?
  • What gives you the strength and purpose to move forward. You must be brave, I find.

You must be willing to do what you must without fear of how it will affect anyone else or their situation. I am not speaking of cruelty here or of not caring about people in general. I am speaking of doing what’s right for you. What makes you happy and leads you toward the purpose you find you are here for. Those are the greatest questions one must ask.

What makes you happy? Why are you here and what is your purpose. What do you want to get out of this life?

These questions have been plaguing me as of late. Breaking my concentration every time I find myself in a situation I know I don’t want to be in or doing something I don’t want to do. That’s where the knowing begins to surface and grow like a weed in your psyche. Making you unhappy. A symptom of being in a situation you don’t want to be in. A flashlight if you will on what you need to change. Those are poignant moments of clarity and we need to listen clearly and openly because they’re doors to we need to go through, roads we need to follow. Breadcrumbs in the forest of our destiny. 

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The Neighborly thing to Do?

What is so difficult about being a good neighbor? It seems that no matter where I live or stay there is always some neighborly dispute going on. Whether it’s an apartment, house or trailer there is always almost a guarantee of some drama poppin off. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you live. Rich or poor the only difference is that one has money for lawyers. I remember when I was a child and how few the disputes were then. People respected one another, when there was an issue they talked it out. As I get older I see the respect waining to a drastic state. No one cares for their fellow neighbor anymore and any dispute is often just a reason to call the police. Some are not only uncaring but flat out disrespectful of the people living beneath, above or to the side of them. What happened to teaching your children not to run inside the home. What happened to keeping the volume to a respectable level as to not disturb others because they pay rent and deserve the same respect they show you? What happened to common ground and treating others as you expect to be treated? It seems all of this has gone the way of the dodo.

These days you’re most likely to get a big fuck you from someone rather than an apology, even when they’re wrong. We are sinking into the inhumane mire with a smile on our faces and believing ourselves right, along with it. We refuse to see our own downfall or the example we are setting with our degradation. Our young ones see us in this state and believe us. As the example they believe our actions are correct and follow suit. We say it takes a village but buy the matches to set the village ablaze. Yet we sit and wonder why the youth doesn’t respect their elders. Do you? Do you respect your fellow man and woman? We need to brew a global cup of coffee and wake the fuck up! Start teaching or better yet start doing it right so that those watching us can follow the correct suit. Not one we think looks right but one that is right. Respect.
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Room for Change

It’s not every day that you actually take the time to look at yourself. I mean really revise who you are and what you’re about in life. Most of the time we are consumed with life and our daily responsibilities, too consumed for deep thought and the excavation required to really know oneself, or so we tell ourselves. Today has been one of those days for me. I woke with a need for change. A desperate need to make something different of me. I look at my life and see clearly that there is something missing. Something that had nothing to do with anyone or anything else but me. I believe every need for change has only one common denominator and that is the person who feels that need. Every once in a while you look at yourself and the picture doesn’t match exactly what you think it should so the questions begin.

Now, before we get off on the wrong foot this is not about feeling useless or as I have no place in the world. I know I am much and have accomplished much of what I have been sent to this planet to do. I have raised three great kids and have done my share of good in this world.

I am a strong woman. That is who I am. I am someone who is impossible to control, it’s a complete waste of time for anyone to even entertain the possibility much less accomplish it. I am honest to a fault and I value my relationships ferociously. I am of sound mind if not so sound of body since being on dialysis has taken some of that, still sound enough and on the road to recovering that. I am a great many things just like everyone else with my own set of characteristics which makes us all individual. It’s how I’m seen by others that brings me to the page today.I know I am no weak soul. I have dealt with much and survive it well. I manage to keep smiling and living just fine with Gods good favor.

Still. Have you ever had someone describe you in a way that made you wonder who in the world they’re looking at? That is what happened to me today as I was questioning myself and analyzing where my life is and where the changes need to come in. I was speaking to a friend and this is their description of me.

” You have a passion that will carry a person with you. If that person can’t keep up they are left lost and stranded right where they are. You are an independent person so if that person can’t keep the pace you will move on. Moving on without that someone is not something a lot of people can do. Many people would prefer to be unhappy in an ok situation once they’re with the person they love than leave that person behind, hoping the rest of their lives that something will change. You make your own future, it’s not normal, it makes you dangerous to the hearts of mortal men”.

I was dumbfounded by this description. Never have I seen myself in such a light and still can’t wrap my head around it. I know some of these statements are true. I have no problem leaving a situation that hurts me or a person I can’t make a future with. I am very independent and I try to make my own future. I don’t know about being dangerous to the hearts of mortal men lol, but it’s a lovely thought.

Still the nagging need for change is persistent and I feel the winds turning. I have not done everything I am here to do and this is the quest I am on now.

Working is not enough.
Being a parent is not enough.
Being a writer on dialysis is not enough.
These things are simply incidentals of life and we are all accomplishing on a daily basis even if we don’t think so. Something is coming for me although at this moment I have not the slightest inkling what it might be. All I can do is hope to be ready when it comes.

To be the change I would like to see in the world and be worthy of such honorable descriptions.Peace.