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A Place of Ones Own


I have been a mother for what seem like most of my life. My three, now grown children were the essence of what I did and where I went for now twenty seven years of my life and I would not trade it for the world. Seeing them grow has been my privilege and blessing. Being a parent gives you a new perspective on life and all its trials give you strength you never thought you might possess. Still life comes with changes and my greatest change has arrived, an empty nest! That trial that all mothers and fathers eventually go through after spending half their lives raising children. It isn’t easy trust me I’m sure there are many parent out there that have no idea what to do with themselves after their children have gone.

I was one of those parents. I was stuck in the role of being a mom and being there for my children was all I did. That’s what moms do and we don’t regret it one bit. I am very proud of all of my children and I am honored to have devoted my time to them, that’s why I had them. Still the time has come for me to write a better story for myself. It’s time to dream of a future of my own. There are still many blessings to look forward to. You, We still have a life to live. one that hopefully has many years left. As a woman I find we need a sisterhood of women to help us do this. A place to develop all the other talents we may have hidden or placed on the back burner to attend our loved ones.  A group of like minded individuals to push us forward in our new adventure. We need mentors and a process by which to navigate and go to our destiny. This is your time!

What’s your story? What do you want for you? What is your dream?

Now, Go. Find it. Do it. Be it! I am with you.

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The Method to Our Madness

Have you ever found something that impacts you to a level that you just need to share it with the world? Something so beautiful and inspiring that it simply makes your creative spirit soar?
Everyone knows I am a writer and poet and love more than anything to be organized and plan what I want to do with my life, how to do it and to dream of the future. Eight months ago I came across Planner Perfect by Jenny Lind Penton. A method of planning that has changed my life. I had used other ways of planning all my life but I never found something that suited me as her method does. Jenny has found a way to help you organize  not only your life but to include your dreams in your plans. She has taught me and countless women to write a better story. There is no better feeling for an artist than to be able to dream. To see your inspiration and aspirations on paper and be able to make a plan of action to develop them and bring them to life. For me that has to be the best part of the method. However I would be remiss if I did not tell you that what caught my eye first was the beauty and quality of Jenny’s plan books. There is nothing that I can say which would do justice to her level of craftsmanship. Her art is magnificent and so beautiful. You just have to see it for yourself to believe it. She blends beauty with functionality and brings forth a product of excellent quality. If you are a planner and want to find a new way to further your dreams, this is it. Take my word for it for I don’t give it lightly. The Planner Perfect Method is a whole new and excellent way to plan and I have never been more exited about my dreams and future.

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How to grow….. Effective Change

    change wordle     

         Changes are something that seems to come weather you want it or not. Sometimes you see it coming, the necessity of it loud and clear.

The time has come for change.

It can be any type of change for anything and still take you by surprise and be completely unexpected yet somehow you know. You know when something is not working and when it needs to change, when you need to change. 


  • How do you take those first difficult steps to make effective and lasting change?
  • What gives you the strength and purpose to move forward. You must be brave, I find.

You must be willing to do what you must without fear of how it will affect anyone else or their situation. I am not speaking of cruelty here or of not caring about people in general. I am speaking of doing what’s right for you. What makes you happy and leads you toward the purpose you find you are here for. Those are the greatest questions one must ask.

What makes you happy? Why are you here and what is your purpose. What do you want to get out of this life?

These questions have been plaguing me as of late. Breaking my concentration every time I find myself in a situation I know I don’t want to be in or doing something I don’t want to do. That’s where the knowing begins to surface and grow like a weed in your psyche. Making you unhappy. A symptom of being in a situation you don’t want to be in. A flashlight if you will on what you need to change. Those are poignant moments of clarity and we need to listen clearly and openly because they’re doors to we need to go through, roads we need to follow. Breadcrumbs in the forest of our destiny. 

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My friend Age

Have you ever felt that as you get older time seems to fly faster? Do you remember how long it seemed to take for the holidays to arrive? I remember how Halloween felt a year away in January and how Christmas seemed to take forever to arrive. Even when I was a teenager we went through the school year as if we had been sentenced to a million years in purgatory with no sign of summer vacation in sight. How things change and how you become more understanding of how your parents must have seen things.

Now that I will be 46 in a couple of weeks how my perspective has changed.  How I have changed. I am a realist, always have been. There are no delusions here. The changes are clear and I don’t deceive anyone about them, least of all myself. The first of these changes is how time seems to fly. We have not celebrated Halloween when here comes Christmas bypassing thanksgiving. There’s no time to so much as enjoy one before another pops up. It’s a rat race, scavenger hunt and tag you’re it game all in one. As an adult you only get to prepare but never really enjoy the celebrations you held so dear and with such anticipation as a child. I miss that. For me the physical changes are enough to deal with. The exhaustion that comes out of nowhere, those little things you forget though you just heard it a minute ago and the ever so deep plunge your patience takes with people who make no sense. You know what I mean? That last one is a doosie for me. I have never had much patience to begin with. Especially for ignorance or stupidity from any source. The only people who get a pass are kids and that depends on the age. Sometimes. Most times the child is a product of the parent but that is another subject for another time.

Now as far as emotions go I find that the most difficult. Aging is an angry bitch with a hacksaw. She hacks at your face and body without mercy until only the shadow of who you were remains. The worst part of that is your brain remembers. It remembers youth. The freshness of your young face before the sun spots, the young hands before the lines set in. It remembers and teases you and entices you. It even tries to convince you that you have not aged and can continue to do that which you did twenty or even thirty years ago. Reality then hits you when you cant lift that leg as high or run that fast if you can run at all without gasping that is. Age my friend is a clown with bad makeup and no friends. Still we love her. I do because as I age I learn. With all it’s pains I see my children grow and flourish and I am part of that. That makes me welcome age as my best friend because she’s been with me 45 years and still I am here. Dialysis will come and go and my transplant will come when it comes. I will continue to hold her hand as long as I can. My greatest wish is to hold her tight and do it with grace, dignity and most of all with my mind fully intact.

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A Series of Promts…… What is something you know now that you wish you knew earlier in life?


This is a loaded question. There are so many things I wish I knew when I was 18 that had I known them my life would be unrecognizable even to me.

The greatest of those would have been slow down, nothing is that serious! You can cruise your life and do it right.

You don’t have to run.

Had I followed this knowledge perhaps I would have not committed half of the mistakes I committed in my life or at the very least I would have made different ones with better results.
I also wish I had known I had options in life. That I had better choices than the ones other people had for me. That I could be myself and my choices were mine to make. Had I known this I would have lived fuller and taken the world by storm much sooner.

I am still trying to take it though and that counts don’t it?

Still I would have explored the world.
Chosen many more adventures, seen many more sights.
Had I slowed down I would have waited to do many of the things I did way too soon like getting married at 18,having three children by the age of 29, or quitting college that I may have been a better, more educated parent for my children. Although I did the best I could and to this day I am quite proud of y sons and daughter. I still wish I had known that I could do better, for me.
Because I know that I could have been greater than I am now.
Still, I also know that everything happens for a reason. I know that I traded being a wiser mother for being a mother who was more open minded, virile and willing to learn from her children. As they grew I grew. I taught them and they taught me that I didn’t have to be perfect. That I was o.k. the way I was because I truly loved them.

I learned that I became a mom at just the right time because had I waited too long I would, because of my kidney disease not been able to be a mom at all and that would have hurt me more than any needle. So God had a plan after all and I am good with that.

So yes, I wish I had known a few things when I was younger but I guess that’s what youth is all about. Learning and becoming. I figure if we knew everything there would be no need to live and I intend to live with all my mistakes and success in tow.

All I can honestly tell you is to be proud of you. We have come this far and too many haven’t. Plus I am correcting one mistake this fall. I’m going back to college. And I won’t quit because this time my kids will be in the audience to see me.

I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

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Nanny not maid, teacher, pet sitter, cook and certainly not Slave

It is not every day that i am amazed or even surprised at what people expect you to do that they themselves would not do. Let me begin by letting you know what I do for a living.

I am a nanny. I have been in the childcare industry for a good 22 years now in one form or the other. I have extensive experience in the care of children from infancy to 18 years of age and this does not include the fact that I have raise three of my own which are now 23, 21 and 15, sons and daughter. You would think that would be enough education and experience for me to know what it is I do and what I won’t do.

Through all of my years as a daycare provider I have come to the conclusion that not many people value what nannies do. There are many individuals out there who see us as servants or as less than educated people without the possibility of doing anything else when most of us are highly educated and decide to do this as a profession. There are those people who think they’re doing us a favor by allowing us the privilege of attending their children’s every need. I have news for these people who love to take advantage of the person doing the job that you yourself wont do.

A nanny who has chosen to be a nanny is just that, a nanny.
She is not a maid or a housekeeper.
She is not there to clean your laundry or do your dishes unless you are paying her accordingly for housekeeping.
She is not there to walk your dog, unless you have hired her as a pet sitter as well.
She is not there to take care of your children’s friends unless those parents are paying for her services as well.
She is not there to teach your child a foreign language unless you are paying for that service in addition to her nanny duties.
She is not there to spend her gas money and car mileage driving your children around unless you are providing gas money.
She is not there to take disrespect from your child or anyone else for she is providing a service that you have hired her for and should be treated as you’d like to be treated by your employer.

What she is there to do is to be an extension of you. To be a loving person to your child and do everything associated with the care of that child. To do her job to the best of her ability. Yes, that includes meals, their laundry, help with homework or any other help they might need. Driving to school or their activities. For this she should be compensated accordingly. If you are not doing three separate jobs and getting paid for one, neither should she. Be a fair employer.

A nanny is a very important part of the work force. Without the service we provide many people would never be able to work, travel for work or sometimes even have a social life. We are a vital part of every community and deserve the respect that entails.

If you are ever in the market for a nanny, remember she is doing that job because she chose it. Just as you chose to be a nurse, teacher, doctor, cpa, lawyer or any other profession you chose. We are not undocumented workers looking for a hand out. We are not uneducated people with no other choice. We are loving human beings who love what we do. We take care of what is most valuable to you.

Thank you.

The Nanny

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My Mothers Daughter

My Mothers Daughter


Sometimes people do things that just make you go hmm? I don’t know if they don’t see it as you do or just choose to play ignorant. Many times I don’t think its ignorance I think it’s their overwhelming need to feed their own desires to the point where they don’t care weather they’re offending someone else. These thoughts have brought to bear.
I wonder, am I too much like my mother?
Just a bit more educated due to the times I guess but very similar in the inability to take shit. I am a grudge holder and like her I hate liars and seedy behavior in men in particular. I was raised in a certain way you see, a very Latin way where respect and truth were tantamount and if they were not there the person was not worth spending your time with. I still believe this which begs to question, is that why my mother is single to this day? Perhaps I have been looking at it all wrong. I held the assumption that my mother was not involved with anyone these many years because she held a torch, still for someone from her past. Maybe I’m thinking now, she just got sick of the bullshit and refused to settle. Maybe she just got tired of men using their excuse, men are going to be men. Maybe she is that rare individual, that rare strong woman that has stood by her very words for all these years and lived them, and refused to back down.

“ Better alone than in bad company.”

This had been her motto for years and in all that time this is the first time that I have assimilated it to the life she has lived, and completely understand it. Never have I seen my mother with anyone not worthy of her or her company and if she has and has deemed them so, they’ve been removed surgically, to the point that to us, her children they became invisible. She had and still has an uncanny way of detecting superficiality and falsehood in people. Another trait that she has passed on to me. I can detect a fake like a jeweler. Male or female.

So that’s where I get my strength from. My ability to put myself first so that I may be stronger for those who matter in my life.
My ability to refuse mistreatment or disrespect from any man. The refusal to accept the ridiculous notion that “men will be men” The ability to be alone but never lonely. To stand on my own two feet no matter what comes my way.
My mother the hero. Without knowing I have not only been her daughter but her sponge. I have absorbed her through years of learning. Years of character building. I can not imagine who I would have been otherwise. I am her catalyst.
In a few weeks i will be 43. My mom just turned 64 yesterday and still stands strong. Still stands by her values and beliefs and still refuses to settle for people that don’t deserve her on all levels of her life. Kicking ass and taking names.
I have a lot to learn yet but I believe the bones have been set. The cast has been removed and I am,

My mothers daughter.

Stay tuned…