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He’s offered it to me
His savagery
Blazed in the wolf
beneath the human mask
Howls of hunger
feed on my skin and bone
Blood and sweat on silken sheets of white
Desire is the master of fear
and it tests me
 it’s shadow coats me in dreams
Traces of your tongue deep as you
Bite down on my offering
Oceans and waterfalls for your thirst
a carnivore
The first man
awakens me
In a piercing moment
I am fed
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like the softest of winds
in the darkness unseen
smooth and sudden he became my sin
black velvet body
smile like a king
drawing me in
I’m suffocating
edible dreams
sugar and whipped cream solutions
for the disapproval of kin
command me to be well
as i worship his skin
a thousand touches
for the unquenchable thirst within
love given and returned
in the span of a head spin
out of control
before skin met skin
shall we begin
and again


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Ashley Madison = Scum!!


Today I was listening to the radio which I always do on my way to work and came across a conversation on Z100. They were talking about a website called Ashley Madison. A website who’s business it is to find cheating husbands for cheating wives. Isn’t that a noble cause?! This website is the great promoter for cheating spouses that want an equally scummy person with a family and children to cheat with.
As if this were not disgusting enough, you had to listen to their commercial which the z100 crew was making great fun of by the way(kudos to them!)
This commercial was made to sound unbelievably homely, as if cheating is like having a burger, here are a few lines:

“I’m an ashley Madison man working hard for my family”
“An Ashley Madison man who needs a little company”

He continues to state that he’s on the road often and working hard for his wife and kids and so I guess feels deserving of being able to screw strangers without it being a bad thing. What the fuck!!?!!

Where has the world gone? Where does it state that cheating on your spouse is ok if you’re away and can’t keep it in your pants long enough to get home? Where has the covenant of marriage gone? Do you think mr Ashley Madison would think different if his wife was doing the mailman while he was working hard on the road? Of course he would because she would be a tramp! What does that make him?

Let us not fool ourselves. This site is very popular and I’m here to tell you men aren’t cheating with themselves. There are plenty of cheating women keeping them company so this is not a “man issue” this is a cheater, slime ball, scummy looser, disrespectful issue and it’s disgusting.
We wonder why divorce is so rampant? This is one of many reasons. The acceptance and use of sites like these. The fact that they have the degenerative sick balls to act as if this is an honorable choice makes me want to barf. I will tell anyone who uses it that they’re a parasite in their families life and is better off leaving that family alone. No ONE deserves to have happen what this site promotes. NO ONE man or woman deserves to be deceived. This site is destructive to the human soul. I truly believe if you’re not happy, get out! Save your selfishness. Don’t marry if you know you won’t be a faithful person. Stay single and keep it moving.

Lord knows how many women and men have acquired sexually transmitted diseases due to this activity. We all know people cheat but to make it a business? Damn! We hit the bottom of the barrel with this one!

Ok I’m done with my rant. Thanks for listening.

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Broken Love


You love me as flowers do

beautiful yet, unpredictable

you do know that flowers die?

and offer no comfort but to the ground

where after they lie

shedding their seeds to the wind

men often do too

after their promises and wishes are wasted

when the woman becomes blind to lies

or bribes… false love can often make do

but you love me true, of course you do

this love is brand new

and my design is still new to you, you’ve yet to travel my high ways

you’ve yet to taste my dew

I’ve yet to destroy the charm in you

in time, but for now

I love you too


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BBM: A Dick…At your Own Risk!!


            I must say I have been a Blackberry owner for many years and I love every phone I have had be it Blackberry or IPhone. This is not a BB vs. IPhone debate, for me they all have their own attributes. That beig said…

Let us have a chat about one of the best features ever created on Blackberry….

BBM!! The incomperable messenger loved by millions and I am one of those millions. 

I believe it’s a wonderful way to make friends and keep in touch with your people. Now!… Sadly not many use it for it’s intent. I am no prude by any chance and I love making friends but sadly I have come to realize, very few have any knowledge on BBM what friendship is supposed to be about or how a friendship begins. So many of the people on BBM are a bunch of sexually deprived perverts it makes me want to gag. There is hardly a conversation before the clown on the other end is sending you a pic of his deflated dick. Or confronting you with the dreaded ASL.

So here is my answer to that:

1. You can certainly tell I’m not a kid by my picture.
2. you can tell I’m female by my picture, unless you’re blind.
3. I don’t know yo ass so I’m not telling you where I live.

Does that clear it up any?

I am clearly exhausted of the sad ass low ballin men trying to get at my panties before they even look at my face, not respecting my relationship status and especially not respecting the fact that I already told you in my tagline not to come at me sideways.


Do any of you really think that I am looking for a decrepid,sad ass, direspectful, dick whipping fool to spend my life with? Really?? Come on now.
My advice to all of you is this, If you have any inkling of any idea on how to treat a woman THAT’S NOT IT. Not a respectable one anyhow.

Get a grip and preferably not on your dick. Learn to speak to a womans mind and leave the dick for when she calls for it. Grow up, you are not 13 and I’m certain your hormones can be controlled. If they can’t, know that I am not the one.

The warning has been issued!

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What greater prize
Can I ask for between these thighs 
Than my pretty pretty flower 
Makes you hard
Beg, steal 
Rub my feet for hours 

You think a fine ass man is a pussy magnet 
Is that what pulls the cooch 
Well pussy hair pulls tug boats baby 
Ain’t that the fuckin truth 

We all know Peter piper would have been better off 
Pickin pussies than peppers 
After-all Mary was quite content
Having a little clam 
Just like my man 

White cotton panties
that’s what he likes 
What bug out his eyes
Along with the cream that comes down my thighs 
when they shift along my ass 
Half on my round cheeks 
Half between the crack 

Its all about that hairy cherry Freddy 
And all the shit it makes you do 
I tell you if that chocha spoke 
You'd be listening like an apostle 
And preaching for it too 
You'd lie for it
die for it 
Pay out the ass if its new
And you haven’t tried it 

It’s the type of trap
That can carry the clap 
When you’d rather it clap around you 
The kind of shit that can make a nigga spit 
Even sing a lyric or two 
That little up and downs song only he can sing 
Red bull got nothin on these wings 

Exercise it ladies 
Keigle keeps it tight 
Hell if we work that shit right 
You'll be cummin every night.