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Day 5: Transsiberian writing through Russia

It’s our first full day on the train and what can I say but that its an adventure already. We are all so exiting and all talk at once about how great it is when we get together. I love my little bunk and I spend at least an hour a day just contemplating the view outside my little window. It’s absolutely gorgeous here and I wish I could have brought you along. We made a stop at Khabarovsk station today and got to look around a little.The station is huge! There were people smoking like crazy the smoke smelled diffrent and I kind of wanted to try it but I didn’t. Aicia was dying to smoke too, she is not one to be teased with nicotene. At the end she decided against it. I think if she had given in I would have too, once you’ve been a smoker all of the familiar feelings come back when you smell one. Anyhow, I have to get to the business of writing now but I will send you pics. Love you!


This trip so far has taught me to devote time to what’s important which for me in this case is self discovery. Solitude has surprised me. How much I enjoy just asking myself questions and answering them without all of the noise that might surround me on a regular day. I have learned that when I devote time to me and to my writing we both become richer and more full of life. We develop like an old polaroid picture, a little clearer and brighter. The clouds of the imagination part and we see the sun shinning a light on what it is we really need or want to say.

What is itthat makes me creative and gives me the ability to create?
That will be my focus today. I’m ready. Not nervous, just ready.

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Day 4 of the Transsiberian Railroad adventure!

Its been a beautiful yet exhausting day. Ladies and gents we’re on the train! And its amazeballs!!

My little room!





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Day 3 Small excursions: Before the Train

Today was a free day for us. This is what came about the day… Transsiberianrailway!




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Day 2: We have Landing!!

We have landed in Vladivostok after twenty long hours of flight. Still, we are so happy to get started. My writing and pictures of the day are below. As you can imagine my middle name is exhausted so I’m laying down. Enjoy!

My room. My writing. Her letter.

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On the way to Vladivostok!

I am taking a 21 day writers challenge on the Trans Siberian railway with some fellow writers. We will be taking this train trip together and exploring our writing through it. Here I will document my trip in pictures and journal entries. I hope you can come with me even if youcan only come in spirit.

Day 1

Packing and the first letter to my daughter Birdie.

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Mac Delight


I recently purchased a MacBook Air just two days ago and I am busy learning all there is to do in it. It is a complicated machine at the beginning even though I have used iPhones and iPad for years now. The Mac is a whole other beast. I love it though and would love to know what is your favorite thing about yours.

What do you enjoy doing on it most?
What do you use it for?
What are your favorite apps and programs?

I am a complete newbie and come from hp land where Windows rules so any tips and tricks are greatly appreciated.

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You dampen the cloudsEverytime you lie

Bringing dead flowers to my doorstep like a lost child looking for love

You have never really found it have you? 

Though you have searched the whole world through

It eluded you

Played with you

Hide and go seeks you

Until you break into the many pieces that once made you whole


Could never be for you

But is

The elusive ring

The hidden path

The unlit cavern

Aside the deepest sea

Where your battered ship has landed


Find me.