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A Place of Ones Own


I have been a mother for what seem like most of my life. My three, now grown children were the essence of what I did and where I went for now twenty seven years of my life and I would not trade it for the world. Seeing them grow has been my privilege and blessing. Being a parent gives you a new perspective on life and all its trials give you strength you never thought you might possess. Still life comes with changes and my greatest change has arrived, an empty nest! That trial that all mothers and fathers eventually go through after spending half their lives raising children. It isn’t easy trust me I’m sure there are many parent out there that have no idea what to do with themselves after their children have gone.

I was one of those parents. I was stuck in the role of being a mom and being there for my children was all I did. That’s what moms do and we don’t regret it one bit. I am very proud of all of my children and I am honored to have devoted my time to them, that’s why I had them. Still the time has come for me to write a better story for myself. It’s time to dream of a future of my own. There are still many blessings to look forward to. You, We still have a life to live. one that hopefully has many years left. As a woman I find we need a sisterhood of women to help us do this. A place to develop all the other talents we may have hidden or placed on the back burner to attend our loved ones.  A group of like minded individuals to push us forward in our new adventure. We need mentors and a process by which to navigate and go to our destiny. This is your time!

What’s your story? What do you want for you? What is your dream?

Now, Go. Find it. Do it. Be it! I am with you.

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How to grow….. Effective Change

    change wordle     

         Changes are something that seems to come weather you want it or not. Sometimes you see it coming, the necessity of it loud and clear.

The time has come for change.

It can be any type of change for anything and still take you by surprise and be completely unexpected yet somehow you know. You know when something is not working and when it needs to change, when you need to change. 


  • How do you take those first difficult steps to make effective and lasting change?
  • What gives you the strength and purpose to move forward. You must be brave, I find.

You must be willing to do what you must without fear of how it will affect anyone else or their situation. I am not speaking of cruelty here or of not caring about people in general. I am speaking of doing what’s right for you. What makes you happy and leads you toward the purpose you find you are here for. Those are the greatest questions one must ask.

What makes you happy? Why are you here and what is your purpose. What do you want to get out of this life?

These questions have been plaguing me as of late. Breaking my concentration every time I find myself in a situation I know I don’t want to be in or doing something I don’t want to do. That’s where the knowing begins to surface and grow like a weed in your psyche. Making you unhappy. A symptom of being in a situation you don’t want to be in. A flashlight if you will on what you need to change. Those are poignant moments of clarity and we need to listen clearly and openly because they’re doors to we need to go through, roads we need to follow. Breadcrumbs in the forest of our destiny. 

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Breaking the Habit

I haven’t been writing regularly as I should be. I have to confess I have been slipping. Ever since I lost my job I have had bigger worries plaguing me. The reasons for which I lost my job will perhaps come forth in an upcoming blog but today is not the day. The wounds are still too new. I do need to get back here though, not only because of my love for the art of words but because it’s a form of therapy to the soul. Writing makes me happy, it seems to make the problems minimal and the worries disappear. I am grateful to have the feel for the word as so many people I know in these blogs and out of them, I know all types of wonderful writers. Sometimes I don’t know what to write about mostly because I don’t know what individuals want to read about. How interested is anyone about another persons life. This is one of the questions I ask myself most when writing. Is my life and it’s daily occurrences of any interest to anyone else but me or those directly involved? That is a question I obviously can’t answer for myself I just write my truth and let the chips fall where they may. I am here to speak. I come to the screen with a thought in my head and go from there. I am by no means a regular blogger I am a poet who thinks in verse but we all love expression in all of it’s artistic forms so here we are. May we all be well read.

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The beauty of Art


I love art and artists of all kinds. I love painters and poets, novelists, designers, singers, song writers, producers, bloggers, scrap book makers, just all kinds of artists.

There’s something about being around a creatively infused person that makes me very happy. Have you noticed that most artists have more than one talent? A writer can sometimes paint or draw as well or maybe has an eye for art. I have seen it so many times the beauty of creativity. We have been given a gift that makes the world brighter and beautiful at the same time.



10 Mixed Media Seascapes-Y6 copy

We inform and educate others in a lovely way that makes them want to really see things differently. There is nothing like seeing the world through an artists eyes. A cake tastes better when a fabulous baker makes it. An aria can bring you to tears through a melodious voice. A book can take you throughout the world when you see it from the perspective of a fabulous writer.

Communing with artists is an experience that brings you out of yourself. It can make you forget all your issues and for a moment, enlighten your existence. Even when I’ve had the hardest day I can go to a spoken word event and have a great time listening to everyones poetry and point of view. I can go to a museum and my eyes and mind are bathed in miracles. I can simply walk through central park and listen to the most gracious of musicians. It gives me the greatest sense that we are all united. We all have problems and I can understand yours and you mine.

And so I write, because I must. There is no way I can just not write. For most of us our art is this way, we are called to it. There is that pull within us to create and so we do. Our blessing are abundant! No matter how many times I may get blocked in my writing I always find an artistic way to express myself.

I am grateful every day and with Gods given grace I will create every day until my last.

Keep creating! My glass and praise I raise to you all!!!

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A Series of Prompts…. Name one thing you have always been good at doing?


There are things we are all good at. We all have a few things we excel at no matter how bad we think we are at things. Some of us are great speakers; some of us are great talkers. Some are great at managing things. We all have our niche.

I am good at helping others solve their problems. Somehow I have always been the person everyone else turns to when they have an issue they just can’t seem to figure out. It has been that way since I became a teenager.

My friends would come to me with boy or girl issues, even parent issues. They would sit with me and tell me their lives and secrets without my ever asking. All of their information would pour from them like water and somehow what I had to say always made them see things in a whole new light and gave them perspective.

This ability has followed me my whole life. My girlfriends turned into women who needed advice on the men in their lives. People I worked with suddenly felt the need to be open with me and tell me their life problems. Even employers have fallen into this category at one job or another. I sit and listen and let them know what I think and I think perhaps that’s the key, listening.

People need someone to listen, to really listen. I don’t mean sit there and give your opinion, but to sit there and hear them and what they have to say. I think that is one of the things really missing in this world between people, the ability to hear one another and be compassionate to the problems they’re facing. I am blessed to be able to do that and I think it’s because I have had so much experience with not being heard.

Those of us who have grown up in homes where children are meant to be seen and not heard and definitely not allowed to have opinions go one of two ways. They either become silent in the world or they learn to listen.

When they become the best listeners they can understand and see beyond to what the person is not saying. They learn to appreciate the words and their meaning. I think that’s what happened to me. That’s why I can sit and quietly take in everything someone has to tell me and respond with what I believe to be the best answer I have. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I am a writer as well.

If you do something well, whatever it is, do it with love and compassion. Make it flower within you for the benefit of those around you.

Do it for them and do it for yourself.

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A Series of Prompts….Name one thing you have always wanted to do but haven’t. What has prevented you from doing it?


This is easy. I have always wanted to go to Italy, Florence and Rome in particular. It has been my wish to do this ever since I was 20 years old and fell in love with the renaissance and Michelangelo’s work.

I first found him at the library and I don’t know what it was that struck me most, the beauty of his sculpture, his paintings or his architecture. It was all so foreign to me how one person could be so talented and do so much. I was in awe of his talent and I still am. For me he epitomizes art. The way he looked at things and his attention to detail makes him, for me, the greatest example of an artist. Out of all of the artists I admire, he is my absolute favorite and it is his work that calls me to Italy the most.

250px-Tavares.Forum.Romanum.redux trevi fountain

Italy itself is enough for me to want to go. The streets full of beautiful squares and cafes’ hound my every thought. I dream of cavorting through the coliseum, looking into the eyes of David (although most likely it will be his but as tall as he is) and staring up at the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. I imagine eating gelato while sitting on the Spanish steps and walking through the roman forum snapping picture after picture to record my memories.

So many artists in one place and so many beautiful works would tempt anyone with a love of the arts to pack their bags without a thought and board a plane immediately. I know I would if I could.

spanish steps

As to what has kept me from it besides living my life and raising my children? I would have to say it’s been what keeps most of us from traveling to far off lands. Money or the lack of it I should say. Unfortunately I have not had the funds to go to Italy yet, but I will. Somehow and someway I will get there.

One day not too far from now I will be sitting beside myself with utter joy eating my gelato at the piazza beside the steps. I will remember writing this post.

And I will laugh!