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A series of prompts… If someone gave you a book and you realized it was a book about your life, would you read it till the end?

I was sitting in the living room with my very intelligent daughter when she asked me this brilliant question. Sometimes I look at her and I’m so proud of the young lady she’s becoming and also proud that I’ve had something to do with it.


After the initial shock off the question I decided to give it some serious thought. Would I want to know how my whole life is to be played out right there in black and white? Facts on paper. Life and death and how?

My answer I would have to say is no.

I would not want to read about my whole life on paper before I have had a chance to live it. I would not want to know when i would be getting sick or how or when I would draw my last breath. I also would not want to know when or if I would lose a loved one. If dialysis has taught me anything it’s to love and live in the now. Nothing is guaranteed. No day is promised.


Can you imagine the kind of stress you would be under just knowing and waiting for the tragedies that might befall you? I mean I’m certain there would be enormous joys as well in your life but isn’t the greatest joy in the surprise of it all? What is the sense of living if you know everything coming your way? Still, it’s quite a poignant question so…

I ask you, would you read your story to the last page? Riddle me that.

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Reading Is Fundamental

I have an almost tragic love of books. My love began when I was about thirteen but I still have it, it has never left me. It has become a thirty year old flu. My collections began with paperback novels sold by the library for a dime to twenty five cents. The really good books were fifty cents. I packed my bed drawers and windows with all types of interesting characters. My love of reading grew with each word. With every book I read I became the dreamer, a believer of the impossible. The greatest adventure was born. Twenty eight years later I am still in love with literature. Nothing makes me happier than opening a brand new book, the soft whisper of the pages or the smell of newly printed pages. Because of this I began writing myself. My love of self expression through the written word grew from my love of reading. A poet from Shakespeare and Keats. So much has changed now. With kindles, nooks and iPads having a library at your fingertips is the easiest thing to do. I myself, between all of my gadgets must have at least 150 books easily at my disposal to read anywhere anytime. I can read anyone anywhere I choose from the slimmest library there is, my iPad. Miller, Bukowski, nin, rice, Angelou, king, Coelho are all there just waiting on me to choose. Brilliant works of words begging to enrich the mind no matter where I am. Still nothing beats the feeling of a raw open book in your hands, the weight of it. Best feeling ever! I love it. Reading enhances everything I do. It awakens the mind another persons thoughts. It makes you more creative and perceptive to your own life experiences, you see things differently and in much more resounding color. I am a product of that which I have read. My library is full of experiences I have and want to have. Few things can challenge the feel of a good book that can take you into its pages. You travel with its characters. They become old friends and you love them as family. How many times have we not cried when someone dear to us in a novel dies or goes through tragedy? We become an extended family forgetting the fiction of it all and we think of them well after we have put their stories down. We keep the books looking through them at times wondering what ever happened to him or her, are they happy? I hope so. At such moments I never think of myself as silly for such are the marks of a good book. They leave scars in your mind and soul. The love of books for me is one that once you have it, remains like a pair of well worn jeans that you can’t do without. You slip them on whenever you want to feel good and comfortable in your own skin. When I thank God at night, my eyes, although imperfect are among the first things I am thankful for. They have opened to me worlds of wonder. I see clearer every day.
Reading is fundamental. Truer words have never been written.


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A Room of my Own….


I have to say, I love books! I simply love everything about them. The smell, the feel etc. I have over 2000 books which I have been collecting since I was fifteen when I fell in love with them. The library was my sanctuary and nowhere do I feel more at home than in my office at home. Every book I love is there and even though I hardly buy physical books anymore ( blame it on the ipad ) they’re very presence makes my woes abate and disappear. When I spend time on my office/library I feel refreshed, pumped and ready to write or crate a new art journal page. It is my shelter where I can believe it is all possible. Where I can create dreams and design magic. Here I have written much of my poetry, stories and of course my art journals. There is nothing like having a space where you feel completely capable and free. This is my home inside my home.

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Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I am truly honored. Wow! Thank you Karen P.  author of I really appreciate your nominating my blog. I work hard on it and hope to make it better as I go along.


Here are seven things about me:

1. I’m a mom of three and step mom to four kids.

2. I love plantains and sausage

3. I was born in the Dominican Republic

4. I love art journaling.

5. I try to write every day.

6. Stephen King is my favorite author.

7. I have over 2000 books.


Here are the blogs I’ve nominated: ( this is really hard!)
















I am really thankful to be nominated, maybe this means I’m on the right track. THANK YOU!!

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When I first picked up this book by Blatty the author of The Exorcist I thought it was the book version of the movie by the same name. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was realtes to the afore mentioned book. This book I read in about three days, it was fantastic. If you were to pick it up I assure you that you would not regret it, if you’re a horror fan that is. You will love all of the most surprising twists and turns of this novel. It is quite the ride.