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The beauty of Art


I love art and artists of all kinds. I love painters and poets, novelists, designers, singers, song writers, producers, bloggers, scrap book makers, just all kinds of artists.

There’s something about being around a creatively infused person that makes me very happy. Have you noticed that most artists have more than one talent? A writer can sometimes paint or draw as well or maybe has an eye for art. I have seen it so many times the beauty of creativity. We have been given a gift that makes the world brighter and beautiful at the same time.



10 Mixed Media Seascapes-Y6 copy

We inform and educate others in a lovely way that makes them want to really see things differently. There is nothing like seeing the world through an artists eyes. A cake tastes better when a fabulous baker makes it. An aria can bring you to tears through a melodious voice. A book can take you throughout the world when you see it from the perspective of a fabulous writer.

Communing with artists is an experience that brings you out of yourself. It can make you forget all your issues and for a moment, enlighten your existence. Even when I’ve had the hardest day I can go to a spoken word event and have a great time listening to everyones poetry and point of view. I can go to a museum and my eyes and mind are bathed in miracles. I can simply walk through central park and listen to the most gracious of musicians. It gives me the greatest sense that we are all united. We all have problems and I can understand yours and you mine.

And so I write, because I must. There is no way I can just not write. For most of us our art is this way, we are called to it. There is that pull within us to create and so we do. Our blessing are abundant! No matter how many times I may get blocked in my writing I always find an artistic way to express myself.

I am grateful every day and with Gods given grace I will create every day until my last.

Keep creating! My glass and praise I raise to you all!!!

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Today’s Pages

Here are today’s art journal pages. When I began working on them I didn’t really know what they would be about or what they would look like. That’s how most of them begin. Slowly they develop into what I’m feeling that day. These are happy pages, I like the way they turned out. Hope you enjoy. I enjoyed creating them.