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Bloo ~ Blocked!!


Ever since NaPoWriMo I have not written another poem. It’s as if that event and having to come up with 30 poems in 30 days zapped all of my creative zest. This is certainly not the first time this inexplicable situation has happened to me, it’s one of many and sadly it always takes me a while to resuscitate myself from it.
It’s not that I haven’t been writing at all. I have put a few things together since then, just not poems. It’s as if this feeling of nothing to say and what’s the point just takes over and I’m numb. I try to find inspiration in anything and everything but even the desire to find a spark that might ignite my dull drums fails me.

Sometimes it’s depression I think and sometimes it’s the lack of a point to continue. Not that I could ever stop writing, it’s the way I get the pretty and the poison out after all. Still the desire is like a car without a battery. It just sits there collecting rust and so I blog about it because the words though not in the form of poetry are my catalyst to not feeling entirely useless.

Perhaps the rain got to me and on the day I got wet the rain washed away all of my poetic purpose for the time being. Whenever this happens to me I read. I immerse myself in other writers characters and live in their world for a while. I have read 2 books in seven days. I’m now on my third book. I work on replenishing words in my psyche every time I can’t poetize my feelings. It’s the best way I have learned to feel full and ready to begin again thus far. So here I go again in the blocked world of Bloo. Soon I hope to have a fresh new perspective and the words to express it. As for now it’s blogging and breaking down the block for me.

Write On!!


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I’m so glad we’ve had this Time Together….. Day 30 NPWM


Well well I can’t believe today is the last day of NaPoWriMo already. I am happy to say that I actually did it although there were many days I did not believe I would. But here I am on the 30th day with 29 poems and the last to be done. I have to say I enjoyed not only what I wrote but all of the poems I read here from all of the fabulous writers I’ve made friends with. It has been an eye opening event for me and I am so glad I stayed the course. Since I did I am feeling celebratory today so my last poem for this great accomplishment will be nice, sweet and cliche’.

Let’s go with a bang!!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I wrote 30 poems in 30 days
I hope I can do it next year too!!

Thank you guys for reading and commenting on my work. You all made me want to continue and pushed me every day to get it done. Of course I will continue writing poems, it’s what I do. This has been a happy challenge for me.

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The Beat goes On


The first weekend of NaPoWriMo is coming up. That’s the hardest time I think. We feel accomplished after completing five days. Then we get overwhelmed with life’s things. Especially on the weekend. Saturday comes and you want to spend time with family, do laundry, go to the store. We place our love of writing on the back burner. Put what keeps us thinking and centered in a drawer and do what we deem “more important”.

This is more important. Your voice is more important. What you have to say to the world, your truth and experience is just as important or you would not have the gift you have to express your life in words. Don’t let self doubt keep you from giving a gift to humanity. Speak! Write! Say it loud!!

I challenge you all to make time for your craft when it seems most inconvenient. To push forward and get your words out there to those who need to know you through your most talented words. Take my challenge. You won’t regret it!
I for one will not allow the world to get in my way. I will write. I will carve time out of my days ass and put pen to paper every day.

This is how you will know me. This is our legacy! Write on!!!

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Lost Heart…. NaPoWriMo Day 4


I only wanted love
Nothing more
It made no difference how it came
There were no strings attached
No you must be this way, no blame
No I’m not insane
His kindness was my request
The respect you would give a fellow guest

Not beyond coming to you
As long as you came to me too
Easy to agree
Me and you
Their lied the clue that I had placed my bet
On a fool

At times the heart can rest in your breast
But his tongue was sweetened with syllables of deceit
Everything he wanted I had it
In me
He said, you see
How can one not fall
The lies were never tall
For a girl in love with love
Like me

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And so It Begins…NaPoWriMo 2012

The poem will come

from the lips and minds of the dedicated

a to z will collide

in words made by me

thus is the destiny

of this writer….

Thus today begins. It is the first day of National Poetry Month and I am here to challenge all poets. Of course I will be taking on the challenge as well, I have done so for the last two years. It is not an easy challenge 30 poems in 30 days can take a toll. I cant tell you that I have been completely successful, I was not use to writing a poem every day but I’m ready!! So here I am hoping all you writers out there will take this on as well. All writers can participate not only poets and I think everyone should, if anything to strengthen your already fabulous skills. I will post my work here every day and I hope you will all give me input on what you think. I must confess I’m a bit nervous but also exited. Who’s with me?