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Serenity Now…


Have you ever sat down and really thought about what brings you peace?
Have you ever contemplated in silence perhaps what really gives you that sense of total serenity and what you are willing to do to find and keep it?

I am sitting here thinking about just that and decided why not write about it. It’s funny but when I thought about serenity and peace, money was not the first thing to come to me. I didn’t think boy if I was rich I’d have peace. The first thing I actually thought of was an island paradise and silence.

Not the type with a huge hotel or luxurious amenities but a small island with clear blue water and simple palm trees with a hammock in between. A little cottage not far behind with a room full of books, the one I love, a warm fireplace in a cozy living room, dressed in pastel colors. That’s what sounds like serenity to me. There are no delusions of grand living in my dreams of peace, just simplicity.

I think deep down we all feel this way. I believe all we want is simplicity. The ability to live without having to stress about the most unnecessary things, all those things we think we can’t live without. The rub comes down to this.

What are you willing to do to get it?
Are you willing to live simply?
To give up all of those things you think you just can’t live without if it means you’d have that feeling of complete serenity?
Where is that place for you and are you willing to go there?

For me the answer is yes. Then again I have always been a simple person. Dialysis has taught me that life is not all it’s cracked up to be and neither are all those things we feel we can’t live without. It is surprising what we really “need” to live. If you were to really think on it you’d find it’s not much at all. I’ll even wager that if any of us were trapped in a paradise island like the one I dream of, few would refuse to stay. Most would give up the rat race and maybe even read a book.

May we all find our serenity soon.

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Love Sparks


Been thinking
About the real you
The one you hardly let show
Taking him out only in the rain
When the sun can’t reflect what is
So easy to see
But, only by me

Been thinking
About the not so real me
The one who’s never afraid
Always ready for a fight
Really in flight
From the one who just
Wants to understand
Have peace
A plan
To live quietly in love
With you

Been thinking about
The real us
Alone in the quiet dark
Giggles and love sparks
Before we put on our armor
And start
To go out into
The not so real world

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Redemption…. Day 7 NPWM


There’s a celebration in every sorrow
In every sin, redemption
In every tear, acceptance
There is no delusion in wanting peace
A desire to begin anew
Drawing love from the past

They stay with you
Reflections of yesterdays
Cracked mirrors in every hall
Wounded child in every closet
Begging for freedom
They stay with you

There’s a celebration in every sorrow
In every sin
In every tear