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When I think of you
There are no butterflies
Instead there is a feeling of drunkenness that does not allow me
To think
I hear no songs of love or feel no woozy feeling
Of everlasting enduring bliss
Although I do feel overwhelmed by you
When you look at me
Responding to a question I’ve asked you
Two hours before

When I look at you
There are no double visions
Faint feelings of fainting at seeing the love of my life
Or shit like that
That only lasts about a Minute when people think they’re in love
But aren’t
Because when they don’t see you
It’s out of sight out of mind
And you stick to mine like glue
You know?

It’s when I feel you or taste you
That shit becomes real for me cause you’re
In my blood like a stream
In a really long song that you think will never end
And you taste like when you eat the best fruit ever
And wish it will never end
And that’s why I know this love is real
For me
I don’t know about you
Cause you’re the one who gets inside me every time

I just float beneath or above you
Knowing there’s something potent there like
A warm home cooked meal on a cold cold day
when you swear your fingers will fall off from lack of heat
and your feet want to compete
with the rest of your body
on who gets home first
out of need to be around you

thats some shit
this love thing
but I still wonder

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An Invitation

Hello my friends I wanted to invite you all to my poetry page where I will be participating in NaPoWriMo If you are participating as well please feel free to leave your link. I would love to read your work as well. The link for NaPoWriMo is also below if you want to participate.

Have fun creating beautiful poetry!


Fuck the Dialysis center in RedBank

How do i hate thee
let me count the ways
i hate the hour in which i have to see you
may time be forgotten every day at the very hour of your arrival
i hate the road that carries me to your door
may it be riddled with pot holes in every direction
deep enough to swallow every possibility of me getting to you

i hate mondays and fridays 
may they turn to curses souring in the mouths of those who utter them
because those are the days i must go
may your windows crack like the bones of the ancients
may the wood that hold your doors splinter as jagged teeth in a brawl
may your walls crumble under the weight of the pain you hold within you
from all the sad souls that cross your thresh hold
may the wrecking ball pummel whats left of you to sand
and then may the wind come swiftly
and blow you away
so my arm can rest
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A cup of Broken Dreams

Sit with me 

have a cup of broken dreams
a serving of sadness
share my loss with me on a walk through the streets
of despair
let my grief enfold you, enrage you
delight you in the possibility of destruction
eat my turmoil and let it seethe within you
growing a child of my fears within you
letting the stress unwind within you 
a tortured soul with the thinest slice hope
lay with me
cover us with the blanket of never more
sorrow to endure 
we’re alright when we sleep
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Conversations With Love


we spoke, we always speak he and I
some of the most interesting and intriguing conversations of my life
they light my mind
with thoughts
and today was no different
today was transforming
a man aches
he can ache as hard and profoundly as any soul, as any woman
As I have been, so has he been
hurt badly time and time again and still we found each other
through the rubble of our existence and all we have endured we laugh
is love laughter despite the tragedy that can follow you blindly through
ceaseless caverns
or is love understanding that we are all human and have wounds within us which
we could only hope another
like us understands
is love a journey you are willing to take with another
one you can hold on to so that you may each be that crutch for one another,
walking thru the mines
That have taken a bit of each of you
Leaving you both with a slight limp
before you found each other
Is love a blending
As we blend
When we are together
Not knowing where you begin
And I end

We speak
and every time we speak
i look at the mirror that is me
in him and through his eyes i see
that we have both seen tragedy
the wisdom of pain has marked us both
and so we are both ready
to just love
and be
for each other that which we tried to be for others
suffocated in their un acceptance and insecurity
i have found love with knowledge
in a time when i least expected it you see
We only think we know what we need until we meet our eternity
Our forever in another’s eyes
Who sees the shadows of our
Complexity and still
Wants to stay

We speak
And it’s in no complicated manner
It’s easy
The way we blend
I fit in his jagged crevices and he
Washes my bruises away
Thru simple words that are not
Always I love you
The truth never begs to be
Repeated it just is
We want and do what we would do for those who
Never accepted our natural
Heart moves
He beats for me
Teaching me that my wait was not a burden to be born
But a slow meal
He has come to serve
And in return
I will feed

We speak
And grow strong
Fattening each-other’s souls
With faith in what is
What will be
What is to come
What we’ve become
We are