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Restless Girl…


Blue water
With sunshines hue
A smile only granted
When I return to you
Love me in spades will you
Or do I have to ask twice
Don’t wait for the blood in the water
For it could be sweeter than my missing
Shatters In my absent mind
A man I never knew
A lonely mother
A restless daughter
Looking for love
In another

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Slaughter of The Innocents…. Day 26 NPWM


We break the wings of the butterfly
When it dares to fly against the wind
Substitute the legs of the frog
For diner
Lest it try to hop to far and win
Beat the woman into submission
Were she to raise her voice too loud
Keep her in her place
with a bruised ego
Shattered limbs
and downcast eyes
We tame the child with lies
Some beatings
Matters not what sex it be
Beat her with impunity if female
Take it like a man
Don’t shed tears, if it’s a he
We tame the animals of the forests
By killing more than our share
The world in shadows and pieces
Humanity has never been
More unfair

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Unspoken…. Day 23 NPWM


Blue, purple red wine
Passages through the lips
Of the dishonest
Words like rabid soap bubbles
Burst forth in agony
This is the only time for the truth
The psyche an album of broken dreams
Handicapped restrained limbs
Lost in tears like traces of a horror picture
Where there is no queen
And No one wants to live
Wake up!
You have arrived at your destiny