What activities do you lose yourself in?

I loose myself in words in all it’s forms. I loose myself in poetry, in books and journals. I loose myself when I write them and when I read them, living vicariously through them in whatever scenery they create. I loose myself in creating. Making my own stories in paint, pencil and paper. My own stories like brands stamped on my own leafs.

Designs from my mind.

artist · lovers · poet · poetry · writing


Has the distance done us good? We became friends at a distance talked and laughed without seeing each others faces. Do you think we might be afraid to see the lines that now make us older? Reminding us of the time we’ve wasted? Afraid we might not like the changes? Shy of what we have seen , touched and loved before?

I have forgotten your scent but not your laugh, it still rings in my ears. It’s my favorite memory, your joy. It healed me, made me trusting, a believer.

I carry your name with me, the color of the skies and sea which has always made me feel free. Has the distance done us good? And are we walking backwards in hopes of breaching it, again?